Monday, August 15, 2011

Meet My Friend: Craft Goodies

Hello to you all! It's Wendy from Craft Goodies here-
Craft Goodies
 (to say thank you to Heather for helping me out with my blog while on vacation last month!)
I have been revisiting a few of my older posts over the last little while and ran across this one.
My girls have since added quite a few drawings to their collections and I'm in need of this post so I thought it would be perfect to share with Heather and her readers.
Hope you enjoy it, and hey, stop by and visit me anytime!
 I have challenged myself to bring color into my house. This is an extension of that challenge. My girls rooms are very white-walled and in need of decor.
I want to add a photo frame collage onto the main wall of my 7 yr old's room, but wasn't sure how to fill the frames until she brought me a few of her drawings.
She has plans to be an astronaut and own her own spaceship when she's older. This is what it's going to look like...

This is very important to her and so I wanted a way to make sure the picture lasted for as long as possible.
I had her color the picture with regular crayons and then I ironed the image onto a piece of cotton muslin.

The image transfers easily onto the fabric and leaves a reverse print of the original picture.
I then backed the fabric with a thin piece of felt and using black embroidery floss, back stitched around the entire image, being sure to follow her lines and details.

The result is a permanent work of her art that we framed and will add to her room.
She loves it, and it so proud that her picture is on the wall. I love that I don't have to hang on to every piece of paper that she colors on.
And here's the sappy mommy moment:
when my little girl is one day off, soaring through the stars to Jupiter, I'll be able to look at her picture and still have a piece of her close by...
No budding artist in your home, or are they dead set on having Dora on the wall and you don't draw?
Problem solved!
I ran across a fantastic tutorial earlier.
Nora from over at Handmade and Heavenly
shares how she got some of her son's favorite cartoon characters onto their pillows.
A similar process to what I did, but a lot more details and pictures!
Check out her tutorial here...
Happy Crafting!


For some reason, the link isn't working, so if you want to visit Craft Goodies, here is the address:

And you will want to visit!!!

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