Thursday, August 4, 2011

Friday's Favorites: Idaho Edition

To celebrate our upcoming trip to Idaho, I decided to use Idaho as my Friday's Favorites. I really do love Idaho. I lived there for 7 years, met my husband there, had my first baby there, froze there, went to college there and made all kind of fun. Because in Idaho, there isn't much to do, so you have to make your own fun!! If you are ever in Rexburg, Idaho (about 3 hours from Salt Lake City), do try these places!!

1) Millhollow sandwiches and frozen yogurt. They are a small mom and pop's place and don't even have a website. But they have the best ever hot BLT sandwich, ever!!! Absolute delish heaven. I think I went there twice, I mean once a week. I could walk there. I had a spare $4 for an awesome sandwich. Millhollow made my college life so complete! And if you have an extra $2, you can spring for some delish frozen yogurt and the waffles cones, oh the waffle cones!!

2) Craigo's, which now find out is called Pizza Pie Cafe. What?! That was the charm of Craigo's. It was a definite hole in the wall. Total college joint. You could write on the walls with markers and the tables for that matter! They would be closed for a few months and reopen under new management, but always keep the classic recipe. I am not a sourdough person, but people this pizza rocked!! And the breadsticks, ok, now I am drooling!! All of you former Rexburgians know what I am talking about!

3) Cox's Honey, made in Shelley, Idaho, a cute little town near Rexburg. I never knew this honey until I had it at my in-laws. We love it. We love it so much that we only buy this kind and buy it in bulk when my in-laws come to visit. You will never go back to Mr. Honey Bear honey after this! You must get the creamed honey. Your life will never be the same. And make it with this wheat bread. Oh boy!

4) And Finally, BYU-Idaho, formally known as Rick's College. This is where I got my education, where I had so many great roommates, memories, crammed into tiny apartments, freezing days, awesome summers. Just an all around great place. Now you BYU-Provo people might think you have it in the bag, but come up North and you'll see where the fun is!!
5) Bridge Jumping. I did it once and once was enough. What is it about being 19 and thinking you are indestructible to jump 30 feet off of a bridge when you don't know how deep the water is or if there is a rock jutting out or the temperature (freezing, if you must know!) But I did do it and this is the closest example of what I looked like, since I can't find my picture.

Yes, Idaho is grand. Any favorite Idaho spots out there?


Sarah Elizabeth said...

The haunted houses on halloween. Big Judd's. The gardens on campus where I would spy on my roommates making out or getting engaged (not to each other. Broulim's. PORTERS!!! Best craft store ever! The sledding hills by the temple. The temple. Tandom bikes you could rent. Oh man, I miss that placeeee!!!!

MariePhotographie said...

I miss that place, too!! So many great memories!

Donene said...

Thanks for the nice comments and I have some great Idaho memories as well. We moved there 11 years ago and one of my favorite spots is the hike to the top of the Cub River. It has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth!!

Nicole said...

I was just eating Jimmy Johns telling Kevin how it's nothing like Millhollow! I miss that place extremely bad (but not the weather so I'm okay with that)
Went to school there, met my husband there and had my first baby there-so much like you! :)
Thanks for the great post and memories!


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