Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's Favorites: High School Movies

Isn't it fun to watch old movies you loved from high school and childhood? I thought yes, until I watched my 3 favroties wtih Blake and I was a bit bored. Yes! Bored. I was ALMOST ashamed of how many times I watched these movies and loved them. Yes, I was a different person. 16 and full of whimsical dreams of the future....but you can't say you didn't love these movies too!!

Does this movie even need an introduction? I think not!! How many times did I watch this movie? Too many to count. How many times did I ditch school to watch this movie? I think 3. How many times did my husband see this movie? Zero. Until recently, I made him watch it. All 3 long hours and although the tragic events of the Titanic are just awful, I just found myself giggling at some parts. "I'm flying, Jack". "I'll never let go, Jack." etc. My husband was actually pretty into it. Was fun to watch This movie really is fun, but maybe I just liked it more as a teenager. Although, I will never let go.....

I don't know how many times my siblings and I watched this movie. Maybe a million! I don't know what was so fascinating about this: the dead people, the hilarious Robert Downey Jr, the happy sappy ending. Blake had never seen this either. We watched it a few weeks ago. I wasn't bored actually, I really liked it. But I just remember it being so magical when I was younger. I guess I am a jaded old soul now.=) Although I still cried when the dead people moved on.

Ah, Romeo and Juliet. The tragic story of two young lovers and one of my high school favorites. Another one that I may or may not have watched around 50+ times. Another my husband hadn't seen. We watched it, about halfway through we turned it off. I know I loved this movie in high school but I just couldn't do it anymore! I think I am getting old? I think I have an obsession with death? I think I have an obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio? No, but I do love John Travolta.

Any movies you loved then that you are just not too sure about now?


Sarah Elizabeth said...

i did a silent cheer when i saw heart and souls! i love that movie but can't find it anywhere!!!! robert downey jr was hot then and he's hot now! woo hoo!

Adventures in Healing said...

What?! How could you NOT still love Romeo & Juliet?! I can still watch that multiple times all the way through. :)


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