Saturday, March 1, 2014

Friend (5 minute prompt)

Friend 3/1/14

When I read this word I thought of a lot of ideas. Blake being my best friend, friends I love, qualities I want in a friend or in myself but I went back to an instance that just happened the other day and it stuck with me.

It was a regular night.  After school chores and work were completed.  Dinner had been made, devoured and put away.  We were hanging out watching some show I can’t even remember.  I was sitting next to Hailey, she was on my left side.  I just looked over at her and her long red, stringy hair after a long day of work and play and I saw a friend.  I saw a friend I had made over many years of work and fun.  I saw the baby she had been and the toddler and the small child, but when I looked at her now, I saw an older child.  A more mature person and the thought of her made me smile.  She looked at me with her sweet look and said “What?”  And I said, “We have become friends.” And she smiled and linked her skinny little arm through mine.  And my heart was just so full.  I couldn’t believe that these four kids, who have been my friends and enemies at times, had now become my lifeline.  They were people I was excited to see during the day.  People who had become examples to me.  They are each other’s best friends.  They tell it how it is.  They have fun together and they fight and they allow me to be part of their circle.  I am never “not cool enough” yet.  I am the center of their games at times.  I am so blessed to be part of their friendship.  And I never realized the friends we would become.  And I hear it gets even better.  And worse.  But bring it on.  If this is what I have to look forward to, I can’t wait.

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