Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for Car Crash

C is for Car Crash

Blake was known as "Crash Bell" among his church friends.  He has been in 11 car accidents and lived to tell the tale.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1)  Driving over to former "girlfriend's" house in the hand me down Oldsmobile from Uncle Dave.  Drove up a huge dirt hill and drove as fast as he could (he thinks 65 mph) over some train tracks.  Imagine Dukes of Hazard,  Completely broke the car, though he was able to drive it until all the transmission fluid leaked out. 

2) Working at an RV facility, he was driving an RV to another location across town.  He dropped off the RV and the workers asked him why it didn't have a cargo rack.  He said there wasn't a rack on it and returned to work.  When he got back to work, the guys following him asked him if he noticed where he had left the cargo rack. Apparently, he had gone underneath a traffic light and the RV was too tall.  The cargo rack was pulled off and was left hanging on the traffic light.

2) Driving home from same former "girlfriend's" house and had been up for too many hours overachieving, as he tends to do and fell asleep at the wheel.  He took out three telephone poles and passed out in the car.  Then he woke up and climbed out of the van over hanging telephone wires and by the grace of God, he wasn't electrocuted.  He then fell asleep on the grass.  All he could remember was his mom being very annoyed because he had a hole in his underwear.

4)  He was driving to pick me up from work after we had only been married for a few months.  He was hit by a lady turning left and completely destroyed our only car.  Although it was a piece of crap car, it was our only car.  So, I sat at work annoyed because I thought he had fallen asleep on the couch and forgotten to pick me up.  When really, he was stuck on the side of the road (which I found out as I drove by the accident scene with my ride home).  Of course, my friend gave us a ride home.

5) Fast forward to Las Vegas, land of defensive and defenseless drivers.  Woman stops suddenly on the exit and he rear ends her.  The woman's car was fine.  The car Blake was driving (my sister Sarah's, sorry Sarah!) needed some love. 

Happily, Blake hasn't been in a car accident for five years, unless you count the lady he "bumped" into a few weeks ago as he was driving the Ice streets of Iowa.  She didn't even flinch.  He saw her driving the other day and she also looked in la la land.  Thankfully, Blake was spared through all these accidents.  He is pretty indestructible.


Anonymous said...

That is definitely not a good streak of luck with cars. I would be very hesitant to lend him my car :)

Eileen T said...

The one with the cargo rack made me laugh.

I'm really enjoying your series of posts for the challenge.

Eileen @ In My Playroom (also doing the A to Z Challenge)


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