Saturday, April 12, 2014

H is for Handsome (A to Z challenge Blake)

H is for Handsome

I remember the first time I met Blake in the library at BYU-Idaho, the college we went to.  He asked me to help him find Cat in the Hat in Latin, for a class he was taking.  I was immediately taken with him and I think my soul recognized his soul.  But before I realized that, I just knew how handsome he was.  He looked like Christian Slater and since I couldn't remember his name, I called him "Christian Slater look alike" to my friends and roommates.  And they totally agreed when they met him.  He had green eyes and dark brown hair.  And an almost shy smile, but enough confidence to know that he knew himself.  I won't ever forget that fateful day.  As we climbed the stairs to the 3rd floor, my heart thumped in my chest because I had met the most wonderful and sweet and cute guy I had ever met.
This was probably about five years ago. 

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Kristin Smith said...

Christin Slater--Yeah! I can totally see it! That's so funny that you married a Christian Slater look-alike, I married a Matt Damon look-alike (at least that's what everyone always used to tell me).


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