Saturday, April 12, 2014

I is for Intelligent (A to Z theme Blake)

I is for Intelligent

I knew Blake was pretty intelligent when I first met him because he wanted to be a pediatrician.  He had the drive and desire and loves the hard work that comes with that profession.  He loves kids and I knew that anyone who loves kids had to be smart.  After the military, he was working at a doctor's office and he knew he didn't want to do the doctor route anymore because of all the paperwork.  I totally got that and was actually pretty relieved because I was terrified of the years of schooling.  Then he had to make a new choice and that let to the rest of our life.  He had always loved working with computers and had learned a lot at the doctor's office fixing problems from time to time.  Once he decided on IT, we knew it was the right thing.  It takes an intelligent guy to be brave and make a change when things aren't going right.  It takes an intelligent guy to answer his calling when it comes to computers and take a leap in a different direction.  I am glad I have that intelligent guy.
Meeting Dad for lunch on his lunch hour (about 3 years ago)

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Kristin Smith said...

Cute picture! Your little guy is adorable!! Although he's probably not that little anymore, huh?


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