Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday's Favorite

This is obviously cruel to put these things on here with my dessert post acomin', but these things have really helped me.

This is a wonderful workout for busy people. Seriously!! It is 8-12 minutes long each day. You go as intense as you can for 20 seconds, doing whatever exercise (push ups, sit ups, all kinds of funny exercises) and then have a 10 second break and do it again. It goes in 4 minute intervals, so if you only have 4 minutes, pick a workout and do 4 minutes. There are 3 alternating weeks. 1st week is ok, 2nd is tough, 3rd is dang hard. Each day targets a different part of the body. It is seriously awesome! These people are not paying me to say this and have no clue who I am, but I would be jerky if I didn't share this! I have gotten stronger, lost (most) of my love handles and gotten my arms back. I have more energy and seriously, I can run faster and jump higher! I have lost 10 pounds. It's $100, so 2-3 months of paying for a gym. My kids do it with me. It is great! Here is the link: Awesome workout

Around April, I got annoyed with myself. I was tired of saying, "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I will eat healthy, etc." I had been exercising since November and while I didn't gain any weight, I hadn't lost any. I was pretty ok with my life because I like peanut M&M's and Dr. Pepper. But I had a friend tell me about My Fitness Pal. Thought I would give it a try and started being much more aware of what I should and shouldn't be eating. The exercising and eating healthy totally paid off. Lost 2 sizes and 10 pounds. They have a great feature where you can put your recipes in and get the total calories. It is great!! Go do it. You will be happy you did!!


MariePhotographie said...

Cool! I haven't heard of this workout program...I've been really slacking in the exercise department lately. Boo.

Emma said...

So cool! I really wanna try this! Thanks for stopping by our blog :) You're awesome.


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