Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thinking Thursday: Classics?

I know when I hear the word "classics" in relation to books, I think "boring". Yes! I will admit it! I am an English major who thinks classics are boring. I just don't know if I have the brain power remaining to read anything a thousand pages or longer about history and 50 different characters who span over a hundred year period. But that just might be me? Of course I read Huckleberry Finn, Of Mice and Men, The Grapes of Wrath, but those weren't boring, so I guess they can't be considered classics?

Well, here are two of my favorite "classics", but I will just call them books.

I think I first read this book in high school. I was so intrigued by the characters and the plotline and the themes of redemption, second chances, pride. I could go on and on! Imagine my surprise when I did my student teaching in rural Idaho and The Count of Monte Cristo was on my list of books to teach. Yes,I was excited. I loved teaching it, maybe my students loved reading it? I hope so. Nothing is more rewarding than sharing the love of this book with other people! On a side note, yes, I very much hated the movie. It was awful. They changed the ending. It annoyed me to no end.

Now here is a movie that you will love, but still the book is better. I must credit my mom with introducing me to this book and this movie. I love it. It is so classic and so not classic, in that it is addicting to read! It is full of hope, pain, love, and some amazing dresses! I read it at work while my husband was in the military. Good thing he was gone, because I was in a world much further away! You will love this! You will hate Scarlett O'hara. You will love her. You will fall in love with Rhett Butler and wish that Clark Gable were still alive to swoon over. The writing is timeless. The descriptions are perfect. Read it! Love it!

Do you have a favorite classic?


Dora said...

Thanks for the credit for Gone With the Wind! I just finished it for about my tenth time and still love it as much as the first time I ever read it. I'm not a big classic fan as you already know. Some of my other favorites are East of Eden, Jane Eyre, Rebecca. I'm stuck about 80 pages into Pride and Prejudice and really want to finish LeMiserables if I can wade through all of the history parts!

Valerie said...

How could you hate that movie! I love it! I have the book on my to read list.
I loved Jane Eyre, Les Miserable, Rebecca was one a read while I was pretty young, I listened to it again on cd while I had a nursing baby.
I just read Princess Bride, that counts as a classic...right? :)


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