Monday, July 11, 2011

Skirt Attempt: Take 2

Forgive the pictures, it was an interesting day after church. I attempted 2 more skirts Saturday and they turned out pretty well I think. Brooke's took an hour and Hailey's was a half hour because she didn't want a pleat in hers.
I told Hailey she didn't have to feel bad if she hated her skirt because I am using my girls as my "dummies" so I can learn how to sew. I have so much fabric that needs using. My goal is to make them both a dress and possibly me (gasp) some sort of something to wear that won't be humiliating! And make Spencer a tie. I guess I better learn how to tie a tie as well!
I got the idea for Brooke's skirt here and Hailey's was pretty much the same thing minus the pleat.


Mitzi said...

So cute! I too saw the starboard skirt on Ucreate (I follow that blog also). I attempted one for myself out of some old material I had on hand, but I added a waist band to go on top of the pleated part, and added two other half-pleats about 4 inches to each side of the main front inverted pleat. When I went to try it on though, it's too tight around my hips/thighs. (I'll need to lose some more pregnancy weight first). Oh well, it was fun to try, and perhaps one day I'll fit into it. :) I have some plaid decorator material that I'm going to use to attempt them for my girls (the older two at least) as well.

Heather said...

Mitzi, I think you look great already! It is so fun to use old stuff to make new stuff, isn't it? And not spending new money on it is great too!!

Mitzi said...

I forgot to mention earlier.... If you want to make a tie for Spencer, there's a cute and pretty easy tutorial at I've made many of them for my boys, but I add a small loop of twill tape to the back of the bigger side, so there's a place to tuck in the smaller side when they're wearing them.

Bon said...

Great job on the skirts! So cute! And thank you for your sweet comments. Keep up the great job on your blog. It is inspiring!
Girls @ Drab to Fab


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