Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I majored in English Education in college because of my love of writing and reading. I love sharing these wonderful things with others. I love getting all excited and nerdy when other people love a book I have loved. I love reading other people's writing and getting lost in their magical words. I wasn't planning on sharing any writing in this blog, but hey, it's my blog, so there!! No really, I am doing this blog for me and to have an out and so, here is something I wrote awhile back.

I haven't really written in a long time. I have my senior writing portfolio by the side of my bed as motivation. I read it awhile back and couldn't believe how much I had written. How clear it was! How descriptive and wonderful! I am not tooting my own horn, just in disbelief that I had these writing skills at some point in my life! Of course, this was before 3 kids and during my selfish college years, where my biggest concern was getting a good grade on a paper. Staying up late to perfect my latest paper. I am so glad my life has opened up a bit!

Here is what I wrote:

Today, I went to wake up my 3 year old and 1 year old. Planned on making it a regular wake up: cuddles, drink, snacks. Then off to laundry. Today was different though. Something in the air? Summer approaching? Unmotivated mama? I brought my 1 year old, whom we fondly refer to as Brookie Cookie, into my 3 year old's room, who we fondly refer to as Spenc-a-roni. Big sister, Hailoo Bailoo was on hand as well. Hailey decided to do an interesting interprative/ballet/modern/wild redhead dance, while we watched giggling from Spencer's plastic blue car bed. This turned into a tickle fight, which turned into "Give me 5, up high, down low, too slow.", which turned into a tickle fight. Nothing can compare to the giggles of my chubby baby with her budha belly or the "MORE tickles" from my sweet blue eyed Spencer. Hailey might be the trickiest and sneakiest "up high, down low" player ever! Life is good and everything is right in the world when schedules and routines slow down and I can completely enjoy my kids. And guess what? The laundry still isn't done and we are all smiling.

Feel free to comment or not!

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Mitzi said...

I think you're a great writer! I can totally picture this scene in my head, and it makes me smile.... :)


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