Thursday, March 6, 2014

Broken (5 minute prompt)

Broken 3/8/14

I have seen many broken things.  Broken people, broken cars, broken dolls, broken pictures, broken toys.  But I have never considered myself attached to many objects.  I didn’t mind if they broke, because, well, as a mom, you can’t mind if something breaks.  Accidents happens and kids can sometimes cause the accidents.  Love the person, not the item.  I have about four things I care about: my jewelry box (broken by my daughter), my diamond earrings from Blake (been lost and refound three times), my entertainment center I spent days refinishing (Spencer broke the door of it the other day) and my snow globe I got from Blake for Christmas one year (broken by me, sigh).  The snow globe played a haunting melody by Beethoven. I can still hear it in my mind and enjoyed the twirling and dancing by the girls. I loved the Spencer would play it and lay in my bed.  There was a silver angel inside and sparkly silver dust.  On the outside it said “God couldn’t be everywhere so he created mothers.”  I loved it when he gave it to me and I still love it.  I was pulling some books off a high shelf one night and something came crashing down.  Once I realized it was the snow globe, I cried.  I couldn’t believe that I had placed it up high to keep it away from the kids one day and now it was broken.  I still find small pebbles of glass from it.  It really fell hard.  I learned a lesson about putting things up.  Though I am happy I am the one that broke it, so I would have nobody to blame but myself, I’m not happy that it didn’t get enough use.  I am not happy that it didn’t have more dances and more chances to share its beautiful music.  I partially squandered the music box because I was afraid of it breaking.  Lesson learned: items are for enjoyment, not for hiding.  I won’t make that mistake again.

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