Thursday, March 6, 2014

Remember (5 minute prompt)

Remember 3/8/14

Remember to buy milk and eggs.

 Remember to clean the tub.

 Remember to pick up the kids from school because it is -25 degrees out today.

 Remember to scrape the sidewalks.

 Remember to vacuum the couch and wash the covers because they are starting to look like kids live on them. 

Remember to read with Spencer, do multiplication with Hailey, numbers with Brooke, baby books with William. 

Remember to hug them X number of times a day.

 Remember to have some down time so you will want to hug them X number of times a day. 

Remember to teach them to make their beds and the right way to brush their teeth.

 Remember to teach them how to clean and fold clothes and make a sandwich. 

Remember to teach them that Heavenly Father loves them.

 Remember to take care of Blake too and that he is a person as well.

 Remember to take care of myself!

 Remember to slow down. 

Remember to hurry up because you will be late. 

Remember to say nice things and keep the bad ones out.

 Remember to clean out the car. 

Remember, remember, and remember.

 I used to write down all the stuff I needed to do so I wouldn’t forget it.  But the list was quite intimidating and honestly made me feel like a real failure.  Because in the middle of all the things I didn’t do, I had forgotten to remember the things I did do.

 I hugged when someone was hurt. 

I snuggled at naptime.

I tickled tummies.

 I had a quiet talk.

 I DID make my bed.

 I did the laundry.

 I paid the bills.

 I wrote this down.

 And because I wrote this down, I can come back to it and remember that I did do something. I can remember that today my awesome grandma neighbor wanted Brooke to come play at her house with her grandsons.  And she went even though I know she will be exhausted and overplayed after a day with friends. I remembered that I had a chance to write this down because I had some quiet.  And now I am off to get William up because too long of a nap makes for an all nighter.  I sure remember that one.

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