Monday, March 3, 2014

Here (5 minute prompt)

Here 3/3/14
Be Here.  Be here with the blue and green eyes.
Be here with the brown, black, blond and red hair.
Be here for the tickle fights, the messy faces, the bubble baths.
Be here for the books read: trucks, Fancy Nancy, chapter books, sight words.
Be here for the addition, multiplication, fractions, science projects.
Be here for the whispered feelings, the kisses, the hugs, the sad and happy tears.
Be here for the tag, races, snowmen, slides and swinging.
Be here for the bike rides, the training wheels, scooters and walks to school.
Be here for the Disney movies, the dinosaur shows, the silly reruns of America’s Funniest Home Videos.
Be here for the car races, the littlest pet shops, the barbies and the blocks.
Be here for the tantrums, the sickness, the cuddles and teething.
Be here for the potty training and the diaper blowouts and the projectile vomit.
Be here for the little ones like you have been for the older ones.
Be here though you are tired of the blocks and trains because it is new to the little ones.
Be here because it might not be an exciting day to day, but the day to day adds up to the lifetime.
Be here because if you miss the boat on today, you can’t make up for it tomorrow.
Be here because tomorrow will come and be gone before you know it and today can’t repeat itself.
No matter how you might want it to.

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