Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jump (5 minute prompt)

Jump 3/1/14

“Jump” made me think of the song by The Pointer Sisters.  Old school fun and from my childhood.  Reminds me of an exercising song and suddenly I need to bust out my leg warmers, headband and leotard.  When I found out my bishop, Ken Craig, also had an affinity for the song and wasn’t ashamed, I was inspired.  If a man with 8 children can proudly blast “Jump” on his ipod, then no shame should be had anywhere.  Then I thought of “Jump, Jump” by Kris Kros, a boy group from my junior high years.  The song was everywhere.  We listened on the school bus, at dances, on our tapes in our boom boxes.  Best dance and backwards overalls.  Brings back all sorts of feelings of fun, misfit, unsure and becoming feelings that come along with the teenage years.  Then I thought of songs that have been in my life.  My first favorite song I remember was “King of Pain” by The Police. I even remember singing it when I was young in my dad’s huge white ’78 Chevy.  When I hear it today, I remember all the words and tell my kids that this was my first favorite song.  Then “With or Without You” by U2, then “Swallowed in the Sea” by Coldplay, then “Claire de lune” by Debussy (10 years prior to Twilight “creating” the song).  And then “What a Wonderful World”, which I heard on an after school show and fell in love with the smooth sound and beautiful message.  Then, when I met Blake and he said that was his favorite song as well and I knew that it was meant to be.  Music forms us.  It can hurt, heal, excite us to all measures.  These songs bring back my memories and I am immersed in them, a feeling that cannot be duplicated.

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