Saturday, March 22, 2014

Real People who have done real things

                With all the hype over Frozen and what is or isn’t the secret meanings behind the movie, it has got me thinking.  I am not against children’s movies. I am not against good fun and dressing up as princesses or other characters.  I do think, though, that we can encourage our daughters to look up to real people.  I know of many women, dead and alive, who are exemplary role models.  Women who exemplify goodness, love, selflessness and sacrifice.  They have done real things and these things should be shared. 

My grandmother was a nurse who helped provide for her family.  She also managed to keep a clean house and to love and discipline her children.  My other grandmother was a war bride who worked for the war effort.  Her husband died when she was 55 and she went to work to provide for the family.  She raised six wonderful children who have confidence and grace and have raised families of their own.  I know of pioneer women who stood for the right and helped their children to learn to work, sew, clean, read and write and have fun!  I know of modern women who shuttle their children to activities, fight for them at parent teacher conferences, homeschool, and provide learning experiences and teachings of God. 

We have so many examples of wonderful women who have produced even more successful children.  I am encouraging my children with examples of these women who have done real things and provided real experiences.  Nothing beats telling your kids about something their relatives did and they are blown away because they are related to those people.  And maybe, just maybe, they could do something just as great or greater.  Yes, I love fictional characters!  I love the hope and the stories and the joy of learning about them.  But I am also going to include stories about Amelia Earheart, Susan B. Anthony, Marjorie Hinckley and Anne Frank. I am going to teach them about real women who have done real things.

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