Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rest (5 minute prompt)

Rest 3/11/14

Ironically, I was having a hard time figuring out what to write about on this prompt.  Then, last night I couldn't sleep.  Like the worst kind of insomnia I have ever had.  I had no reason to be anxious or overthinking or anything!  But sleep evaded me over and over again.  I stretched and relaxed my body.  I cleared my mind.  I tried counting  sheep even!  Eventually I gave up and got a bowl of cereal thinking the food would make me warm and tired.  No.  Then I got online to mess around a little bit, in spite of everything I have read about not doing that.  It didn't help.  I slept on my side. I slept on my back. Under my pillow.  I then decided to pray for everything I was grateful for.  I just went on and on and eventually I fell asleep. I had some really strange dreams and then woke up exhausted.  The kind of exhaustion that feels like I just had a new baby, but there was no new baby as a reward. It was jus the pure exhaustion of a grumpy and overtired mom that is surely a bad mix on daylight savings week and getting kids off to school.  All I wanted for those three hours in the middle of the night was rest.  I wanted it more than anything. I was afraid of how I would be the next day without it.  I survived.  I took a little rest on the couch while Brooke watched a Disney Christmas show.  It was much needed and a great reward.  My plan tonight is to read quietly in bed before I go to sleep, lather up with some lavender oils and dress as warm as possible.  Sleep will not evade me tonight.  Or at least I think it won't.

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