Monday, March 24, 2014

Three Blogs I love

I love getting people together.  I love helping promote people and their talents.  It is nice to have someone pat you on the "virtual" back and say, "Well done!"  So, I am going to give a pat and I hope you will enjoy these like I do.
First: My friend Jonelle's blog, The Meridan of Time.  She writes about motherhood, homeschooling, hard stuff, funny stuff.  She is an amazing story teller.  She and 2 other wonderful friends, Desiree and Heidi invited me into their writing group three years ago.  This reignited my writing flame.  I am so grateful that I ran into (not into) Heidi one day while taking the kids to school. 
Second: Real Imprints.  My friend, Lindsey, from college began this site a few months back.  There are service opportunities.  There are inspiring stories, options for books, music and movies.  There are so many great and useful resources on here. There is even a section for kids to send in their "imprints" or something in their lives that have made them grow.  Hailey is working on one right now! 
Third: Unicorn Bell. I came across her one day, somehow. And I am so glad I did!  A variety of information.  Last week, it was about self publishing.  This week, it is stories for a writing contest.  Next week begins an A to Z blog posting.  I am planning on doing it as well.  A sweet girl with a great mission!

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