Monday, March 3, 2014

Cream Cheese Banana Bread

Here is the story:
I have had this amazing cream cheese banana bread recipe for years. It came from a college recipe book. I have shared it with friends and family. I have made it for Christmas treats, birthday gifts, special surprises.  They are even awesome as muffins.  They take no time and the batter is delicious (just ask my two year old!)  I have had it on my blog for awhile but I thought it needed to be shared more because it really is that amazing.  Creamy and simple and crunchy topping and healthy;)  So, I sent it to my virtual "friend" Mel at Mel's Kitchen Café.  I have loved this blog for years!  We make a lot of her recipes through the week and Mel's is the first place I stop for recipes.  She has no fail and easy, family friendly, KID friendly recipes!  The skillet macaroni and cheese is by far the best.  So, imagine my surprise to see it posted on her blog today!  I was pretty thrilled to see so many people could have access to it now.  It really is the best.  So, if you want a little modified recipe of my cream cheese banana bread, then check out her site.  And all her other great recipes.  She is a true gem.

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