Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crowd (5 minute prompt)

Crowd 3/18/14

I used to think I wouldn’t have enough love in my heart.  Enough love for a husband plus kids.  Then I met my husband and my heart was full and happy and enough.  Then the urge for children came, slowly but insistently.  I had my first baby, sweet red headed Hailey and my heart expanded and grew in love.  It was a new love for a new baby and a new experience that I hadn’t known that I had needed.  I had the new mom fear of “What if I didn’t have enough love for another baby?”  Spencer came along.  Chubby, crying and loving.  And my heart expanded and grew in love.  He was a wonderful and trying baby but he brought so much love.  Then a third baby, Brooke, born 23 months after Spencer and I was a little worried again.  Because having three kids in four years is trying on anyone and the heart does get worn, as does the mind.  But there was room.  Dark haired, sweet and easy baby Brooke.  And my heart expanded and grew in love.  Then there was William, my fourth, born during a huge transition and move to Iowa.  He was my peaceful, my loving baby.  My gift for enduring these trials.  And my heart expanded and grew in love. I no longer fear that my heart will be too crowded to love any other children who come along.  I no longer fear that I won’t have enough room.  A heart as an interesting way of growing and expanding and stretching. 


Elizabeth said...

A nice little peek into your family while I was eating my peanut butter chicken and salad. It's amazing how you grow to love the additions, even though life is never the same again.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know those feelings! Children are proof that our hearts will just keep growing no matter how much we fill them. Thanks for your sweet encouraging words.


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